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Revolutionize Office Security with Viz Check

Streamlined Visitor Management for the Modern Workplace

VizCheck Benefits


Enhanced Security

Protect your premises with state-of-the-art security measures. Viz Check ensures only authorized individuals enter your facility by digitally verifying and validating every visitor


Effortless Check-In

Bid farewell to long queues and paper forms. With Viz Check, visitors can complete their check-in process in seconds using user-friendly self-service kiosks.


Real-time Tracking

Stay informed at all times. Our software offers real-time tracking of visitors within your premises, providing you with the confidence that you always know who is where.

Work flow

Vizcheck Features

Self-Check In
OTP based check in
Capture Visitor Details
Approve/Reject Management
Email &SMS notifications
QR Code Check In & Check Out
ePass /Badge Printing
Block List Visitors
Host Exit Approval
Default ID Proofs
Recognise Previous Visitor
Visitor Movement Tracker
Visitor Analytics
Long Spending Notifications
Report Generation
User or Employee Creation
Assign Roles
Legal Agreements /NDA
Single/Bulk Invite
Employee directory integrations
Custom Branding
Vehicle Logs Management
Material Management


Enhancing Organizational Security and Efficiency

Enhancing organizational security an..

In today’s security-conscious world, the importance of a robust Visitor Management System (VMS) cannot be overstated…


Leading Industrial firm used VizCheck ..

Read how one of the leading manufacturing firm used VizCheck and streamlined the track the people coming into the factory…


Secured Workplaces- know your Visitor

Knowing the visitors allows workplaces to be secured- providing highestlevel of employee experience…

The shield of Assurance

We are running a Vizcheck Week with special Discounts. Start securing your workplace today

Lighting Fast Implementations

Account Manager
On Call
Implementation Time

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Our Happy Clients

Miranda Snyder

Nice platform to manage the Visitors.

Harold Harrison

Vizcheck handles all visitors to my factory with ease

Debra Reyes

Reduces time and effort at the Reception desk

Kyle Romero

This system is easy to use

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