1. Sign-in with Vizcheck
  2. Forgot password
  3. Account settings

Singing in with VizCheck​

To Sign in to VizCheck app click on below link it will direct you to sign in page:

Step 1: To sign in, Click on the link given below.

A sign-in page will open as

vizcheck -signin
Screen 1.1.1: Sign in Page

Step 2: Sign in using the Email and Password.

Forgot password

In case you have forgotten your password. Follow the steps to regain it:
forgot password- 1
Screen 1.2.1: Sign in Page

Step 1: From the login screen (screen 1.2.1), Click on forgot password option. A page will open as follows:

forgot password- 2
Screen 1.2.2: Forgot Password Page
forgot password- 3
Screen 1.2.3: Forget Password Email.
forgot password- 4
Screen 1.2.4: Reset Password Page.

Step 2: Enter the Email given by admin, where you will receive a link to reset your password.

Step 3: Click on the link received in email as shown in screen 1.2.3.

Step 4: A reset Password Page will open as shown in screen 1.2.4.

Step 5: Enter the new Password and confirm New Password as shown in screen 1.2.4.

Step 6: Click submit after which you will be redirected to sign in Page.


Account Settings.

Accounts setting has two features as follows:

Profile Feature: It is disabled right now.

Change Password:

User Preference:

Step 1: Go to the dashboard, click on Accounts you will see a dropdown (as shown in screen 1.3.1).

Step 2: Click on User Preferences, a new screen will open (as shown in screen 1.3.2).

Account settings 1
Screen 1.3.1: Accounts Dropdown
Account settings 2
Screen 1.3.2: User Preference Page

Step 3: Can select anyone of the theme options.


Use this to logout of the Viz Check.

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